Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt! Only two tags available this spring!

Rare Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt! Only two tags available this spring!

Along with our partner, Henik Lake Adventures, Webber’s Lodges is excited to announce an exclusive new hunting opportunity! Our inaugural Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt will take place this spring in the area of Baker Lake, Nunavut.

A Barren Ground Grizzly hunt in northern Canada is something few ever experience! Nunavut’s population is thriving and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to hunt these magnificent animals on the vast tundra they call home.

The growth of the grizzly population has enabled us to offer an incredibly unique opportunity to a select few hunters. The Barren Ground Grizzly, well-known for its aggressive behavior, fears nothing and no one. These bears surely are the kings of their tundra domain!

These Arctic giants are very nomadic, and a spring hunt allows us to use snow machines to cover the vast areas of the bears’ range. Hunters will have the choice of driving their own snow machines or riding in comfortable komatiks (large wooden sleds) towed by guides.

Barren Ground Grizzly Bears are similar in size to their mountain cousins found in the Yukon and interior Alaska. Average bears will be in the 6-6 ½ foot range, with exceptional bears reaching up to eight feet! The pelts of these great bears at this time of year will be incredible as well.

Ryan St. John, founder of Henik Lake Adventures, has been hunting these bears for the past 10 years and has a success rate of 90%.

Hunters will fly into Baker Lake, Nunanvut and stay in the beautiful Nunamiut Lodge during the hunt. Days will be spent covering large areas on snow machine looking for tracks or the bears themselves! Hunters should be prepared to spend an impromptu night on the tundra if a track is encountered late in the day. This will enable an early start the following morning.

For those looking to enhance their trip, there will be opportunities to add a Barren Ground Musk Ox as well as an Arctic Wolf to their hunt. Additional trophy fees will apply.

The Barren Ground Grizzly hunt is scheduled to last eight days. If hunters are successful in filling their tag(s) sooner, they will have the option to depart early.

Our 2016 hunt will take place from April 30 to May 9 and is available to only two hunters.

Join us for a top-notch big game hunt on the Canadian tundra!

For More Details: Please visit the Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt page at Henik Lake Adventures,  e-mail Webber’s Lodges General Manager Russ Mehling, or call 1.888.WEBBERS (932.2377)