Hunting Regulations

Starting January 1, 2012, all hunters are required to have in their possession a valid Hunter Education Certificate (or equivalent) when hunting in Manitoba. Photographic images are NOT considered adequate.  Manitoba Conservation has recently implemented new requirements for licence eligibility.  Details on the new requirements can be found here: Manitoba Conservation – Wildlife Branch

Hunting Regulations:
  • Waterfowl hunters are required to use steel shot only.
  • You are allowed to bring 5kgs (4 boxes) of shotgun shells into Canada with you. Please see equipment and clothing checklists for specifics on ordering shells.
  • Hunting licenses will be provided with your hunting package when you arrive.
  • All of the hunting regulations are supplied with the purchase of your hunting license and should be reviewed carefully.
  • One provincial licence and one federal permit required per waterfowl hunter – unlimited White geese (snows, blues, and/or Ross) and 24 Canada Geese.

If you would like more information about Canada’s hunting regulations, visit the Manitoba Hunting Guide.

Webber’s Lodges would like to remind our guests to treat our environment and wildlife with the utmost respect.

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