Guests will be allowed a TOTAL luggage allowance of 50 pounds which may include:

  • Up to 2 duffle bags (24” x 12” x 12” each)
  • 1 day pack
  • 1 gun or bow case – only soft cases will be allowed on the charter flight into camp
  • Gun Cases: Commercial airlines require hard sided cases. We will have a secure location for storing these cases during your trip.
  • Please refrain from bringing hard suitcases. Space is at a premium on charter flights into camp and soft duffels take up less space and are easier to compress.
  • You must wear your full hunting gear for the charter flights to and from camp.
  • We do have secure storage facilities to store any excess luggage, clothing and your hard bow or gun cases.
  • Please see a list of recommended and supplies items here.

Ammunition: As you will be limited on the number of shells you will be able to bring into camp due to weight and border restrictions, we off a pre-order service for shot gun shells.  Please notify us at least 60 days prior to your arrival at camp with a shell order.  We recommed 2 cases per person.  Pre-ordered shells will be available at camp upon your arrival.  Shell orders will be invoiced before your departure and full payment will be required before your hunt.

Fishing: As with all of our adventures, fishing is included for the cost of the license. We recommend bringing a medium/heavy action rod for pike/trout fishing, and/or an extra light setup for grayling (ask what fish are available at the lake you’ll be at). A small tackle box with a few lures will be sufficient.  5 of Diamonds, Red Devil, and Rapala crank baits will work for Pike.  For grayling, #0 and #00 Mepps Panther Martin and other mini spoons will work.  Licenses will be available at camp.