• As of January 1, 2012, ALL hunters are required to have a valid Hunter Education Certificate in their possession when hunting in Manitoba. Photographic or electronic images are NOT considered acceptable.
  • Waterfowl hunters are required to use steel shot only.
  • You are allowed to bring 5 kg (4 boxes) of shotgun shells into Canada. Please see the equipment and clothing checklist for specifics on ordering shells.
  • Hunting licenses will be provided for you at your arrival to camp.
  • One Provincial Game Bird License, and one Federal Migratory Bird Permit are required per waterfowl hunter.
  • Current regulations allow for an unlimited possession limit on White Geese (Snows, Blues and Ross’) and a possession limit of 24 Canada Geese.
  • A copy of the Manitoba Hunting Regulations will be supplied to you with your license.  Please review carefully.
  • An electronic copy of the Manitoba Hunting Guide is available here.