Snow Geese Hunting Hudson Bay

The snow geese of Hudson Bay!

Whether you’re an avid wing shooter or just getting started in this wonderful sport, there’s no better place to experience one of nature’s greatest goose migrations than Hudson Bay.

At Webber’s Lodges we offer an exceptional goose hunting package that not only includes breathtaking spring Snow Goose hunting on the Hudson Bay coast, but also the finest in lodging and meals.

A little history about the Snow Geese of Hudson Bay…  Since the ‘70s a population explosion of lesser snow geese in the James Bay and Hudson Bay area appears to have caused extensive damage to vegetation, and reduced some areas of coastal salt marshes to a desert-like landscape.

A number of factors may have contributed to the dramatic increase in the snow goose population. Snow geese now feed mostly on agricultural waste grains and green plants when they are down south. This change in their traditional food source has boosted their survival rate and in turn led to changes to where they nest and live. Migration routes can also shift over time and result in changes in how the birds are distributed over immense areas.

The majority of the Snow Goose population will now nest north of and around the Hudson Bay area and use Hudson Bay itself as a staging area to begin their tremendous migration south. On their return flight back to the north in the spring to begin the life cycle anew, the geese again stage in the Hudson Bay area before dispersing out to build nests and renew the next generation of geese.

This concentration of snow geese around Hudson Bay in the spring is indescribable and must be experienced first hand. The birds coming back north are eager for companionship and will decoy easily with small spreads of less than 100 decoys. These birds have not been shot at for quite some time and they are certainly not decoy shy or overcautious, which makes for some outrageous wing shooting.

With our liberal bag limits of 20 Snow Geese per day and 80 in procession, the sheer concentration of snows keeps your barrel hot and your shoulder sore.

Given Webber’s Lodges professional guides, countless birds, a comfortable, modern facility and fine dining, you will not want to leave.  We’d love to have you and a friend or family member join us for the goose hunting trip of a lifetime!

Happy Hunting!