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Fishers hit their prime at North Knife Lake!

Mike Reimer with Mom Myrtle and Dad Melvin pictured above with trophy lake trout at North Knife Lake Lodge. It was quite hilarious actually… watching a muscular young athlete collapse exhausted and begin massaging tired arms after battling a trophy lake trout to the boat side. On the other hand, 87-year-old Mom Reimer was giddy

Guests say big fish, zero stress, delicious meals, all part of North Knife Lake Lodge experience

Martin Piette (left) with Master Angler Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge Big fish, delicious meals, zero stress -- that’s the North Knife Lake Lodge fishing experience in a nutshell. Martin Piette and Germaine Bourque had a fabulous time at North Knife Lake Lodge this summer. “We had an amazing trip to