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Father and son enjoy best moose hunt ever at Webber’s Lodges

A moose for David (Father) and Jackson (Son) After 30 years of guiding and countless big game animals tagged, what still sets apart a good hunt from a truly great experience? Once you've seen the best and the worst of weather, eaten everything from gourmet fare to pork and beans, slept in

Bow hunting for moose pays off at Small Lake for Kenney

Guest Post by Kevin Kenney I was hunting Small Lake north of Thompson, Manitoba. For the first 2 1/2-days I didn't have much luck. I never saw a moose. But moose hunting is either hot or cold, and I knew that going in. I did see plenty of sign, so I knew there were moose

Family Manitoba moose hunt yields quick triple

Trophy Moose! All in the family! The Reimer clan has returned from its annual winter moose procurement expedition, which once again proved to be successful, resulting in a freezer full of fine moose meat to see us through the winter. Riley, our chef and next son-in-law to be, was first up on

A hunter’s guide to getting in close – Part 1

Moose Rutting Behavior and Vocalization by Kent Michie, Professional Guide, Webber’s Lodges Sitting on an old, dead autumn stump, you watch the emerging sun as it burns through the mist rising off the water. Daylight breaks on your moose hunt and vibrant fall foliage begins to reveal itself. The damp, musky smells of the boreal