Vinarterta! A Webber’s Lodges festive family tradition.

Vinarterta! A Webber's Lodges Icelandic holiday tradition! Vinarterta comes to us compliments of Helen Webber's Icelandic heritage. It has been handed down through her family for generations, and is served only on festive occasions. Ingredients Shortbread (6 layers): 1 cup butter (no substitute) 250 mL 1 1/2 cups white sugar 375 mL 2

Holiday Traditions, Delicious Christmas Recipes from Webber’s Lodges

The Stained Glass Cookie Team! Terri & Brianne! by Helen Webber Once a year -- at Christmas time, we seem to give ourselves permission to indulge in those rich, decadent morsels. We have included here some of the special things that have become tradition for us at Webber’s Lodges. All the recipes here