Manitoba Travel/Outdoor Writer Shel Zolkewich launches new Web site

Shel Zolkewich Manitoba Travel/Outdoor Writer and Fishing and Hunting Marketing Consultant Shel Zolkewich recently launched a new Web site at, and she was kind enough to mention Webber’s Lodges in a few of her stories. Thanks Shel! Shel writes about the outdoors, travel and food when she’s not playing outside, on the

Guests say big fish, zero stress, delicious meals, all part of North Knife Lake Lodge experience

Martin Piette (left) with Master Angler Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge Big fish, delicious meals, zero stress -- that’s the North Knife Lake Lodge fishing experience in a nutshell. Martin Piette and Germaine Bourque had a fabulous time at North Knife Lake Lodge this summer. “We had an amazing trip to