Tooth and claws have nothing on love

by Russ Mehling, General Manager, Webber’s Lodges When most hunters speak of "Dangerous Game", they are referring to hunting predators such as bears and lions and large antelope with angry dispositions like "Black Death": the cape buffalo of many African hunting tales. As dangerous as these hunts may be, when you interfere with the breeding

How to pack for an Arctic caribou hunt

by Russ Mehling, General Manager, Webber’s Lodges The impossible packing job made possible Without a doubt, the most common ‘non-hunting’ question we get asked is, "How can I possibly pack for a remote caribou hunt with the weight and size restrictions you have?" The following is a photo tutorial showing it is possible to stay

The fun of operating in bear country

Bear boards were not a deterrent. by Russ Mehling, General Manager, Webber’s Lodges Webber’s Lodges is well known for offering comfortable, yet remote, hunting adventures. Our caribou, moose and goose hunting camps are well off the beaten path and you’ll never see another hunter (outside of you own group) while sharing camp with

Musk ox hunt more than that for Yuel family

Jim Yuel There are some common threads running through the families that hunt and fish with Webber's Lodges. Not only do they cherish the outdoors and understand the true value of nature when it comes to raising a family, they're also strong supporters of conservation organizations. And many of the patriarchs who

Spring musk ox hunters beat blizzards, achieve 100 percent success rate

Suzanne Short. Musk ox hunter. We went into the ring with Mother Nature for our first spring musk ox hunt of 2016 in Baker Lake, Nunavut and won by a knockout. Four hunters joined Webber's Lodges' General Manager Russ Mehling for our first hunt of the year, including Suzanne Short from Alaska, Weston

The care and aging of freshly harvested moose, caribou and deer

Crusted Caribou Tenderloin. Aging makes all the difference! Photo by Ian McCausland & Shel Zolkewich. by Doug Webber One year, when my girls were young, I was unable to “bring home the bacon." Roughly translated, this means that the great white hunter took a trip to the mobile meat market and got skunked!

New Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt! Rare! Only two tags available!

Rare Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt! Only two tags available this spring! Along with our partner, Henik Lake Adventures, Webber's Lodges is excited to announce an exclusive new hunting opportunity! Our inaugural Barren Ground Grizzly Hunt will take place this spring in the area of Baker Lake, Nunavut. A Barren Ground Grizzly hunt in

Fall Caribou and Musk Ox Combo Hunt new for 2016!

Eric Kuhlman with his Central Barren Ground Caribou last fall. We’ve heard your requests and we're thrilled that we can now deliver! In another exciting new development, Webber's Lodges will now offer a fall Caribou and Musk Ox Combo Hunt in partnership with Ryan St. John of Henik Lake Adventures. While we use