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Living off the land at North Knife Lake

Family time in the North! by Mike Reimer The Reimer and Webber families, like most in the North, have spent a lifetime enjoying nature’s bountiful harvest. In our case this includes big game such as moose and caribou, several species of freshwater fish, as well as a variety of wild berries used to

Cookbook author Helen Webber picks cranberries with polar bears

Cookbook author Helen Webber has been picking cranberries with polar bears for 40 years. What do 5,000,000 Cranberries look like? Why not ask the Cranberry Queen, who has personally handled each one of those delectable beauties. Helen Webber, the Grand Queen of the Webber/Churchill Wild empire, has spent the last 40 Septembers faithfully

Honeymoon at North Knife Lake Lodge. With wolves!

The wolf in charge. Always watching us. by Karli Friesen Our decision to honeymoon at North Knife Lake Lodge in northern Manitoba was made years ago before we were even dating. “You can’t honeymoon there, I’m honeymooning there!” we said to each other. Little did we know (though by that time we may have hoped)

Couples fishing trip of a lifetime at North Knife Lake

Nina outfishing George. Again. But it doesn't seem to be bothering him :) Fond fishing memories will last forever Guest Post: by George (and Nina) Williams We could easily run out of gushing adjectives trying to describe our trip to North Knife Lake Lodge a few summers ago – incredible fishing, fabulous

Guests say big fish, zero stress, delicious meals, all part of North Knife Lake Lodge experience

Martin Piette (left) with Master Angler Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge Big fish, delicious meals, zero stress -- that’s the North Knife Lake Lodge fishing experience in a nutshell. Martin Piette and Germaine Bourque had a fabulous time at North Knife Lake Lodge this summer. “We had an amazing trip to

Doug Webber honoured with Travel Manitoba Award of Distinction

Doug Webber (2nd from right) receives Travel Manitoba Award of Distinction Our own Doug Webber, founder of Webber’s Lodges, was recently honoured by Travel Manitoba at the Manitoba Tourism Awards, as the recipient of the Winnipeg Airport Authority Award of Distinction. Congratulations Doug! The annual Tourism Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the provincial