Geese at Nanuk

Limitless opportunities here…

The Government of Manitoba has decided that geese population control has now reached unparalleled urgency.

Limits on snow geese, blue geese and Ross’s geese are 50 per day, but possession is unlimited! Your only limit is the number of shells you bring along and the pounding your shoulder can take.

Also, we have increased and improved our accommodations at Nanuk Lodge! Already a showplace on the tundra, we hauled in 175,000 pounds of lumber and material to add eight new bedrooms to the Lodge, each of which will feature an incredible view of Hudson Bay!

Brand new look at Nanuk!

Brand new look at Nanuk!

Imagine hunting unpressured goose populations at the start of their migration, in the beauty and splendor of the Northern tundra, all while staying in a beautiful lodge with all the comforts of home. But in a stress free environment that only the North can provide!

Nolan Booth is back at Nanuk and is preparing for an action packed season and we have very limited openings for 2014 goose hunts, seven to be exact. If you are already planning for 2015, contact us and we will look over what options we have for you, including our Spring Snow Goose hunts.

For more information and the latest updates on our goose, moose and caribou hunts please email or call us Toll Free at 1 (888) WEBBERS (1.888.932.2377)

Happy hunting!